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  Tomaszów Administrative District Drukuj

The Tomaszów administrative district is located in the south-eastern part of the Lublin Region, near the Ukrainian border. International route 17 passes through the district and leas to the border crossing with Ukraine at Hrebenne.

The district contains the following geographical areas: the Central and Southern Glen, known also as the Eastern Glen, Wołyńska Summit (Hrubieszowska Dale and Grzęda Sokolska), Lubelska Summit (Podół Zamojski), Sandomierska Dale (Biłgorajska Plain) and Pobuża Dale (Bełżec Plain).

Considerable differentiation in the geographical environment of the landscape is the reason why the district is so popular with tourists. The Tomaszów area comprises a number of different landscapes: the east and west border areas are diverse for their climate, flora and fauna, as well as their historical-ethnical characteristics. It is hardly surprising, therefore, that the number of tourists visiting the district is constantly growing. Visitors usually engage in eco-tourism, agro-tourism and a variety of 'qualified' tourist activities, all of which are possible thanks to the 15 public footpaths and cycling routes. The following may be mentioned: Central Dale Route, Fringe Route, Murmur Route and the Molotov Bunker Route.

The Tomaszów administrative district is particularly discernible because of its unique richness in nature conservation. The district contains three landscape parks: Krasnobród, Southern Dale and Solski Forest. It also contains 10 nature reserves, including the following: "Over the River Tanew" and the "Devil's Field" with its famous murmurs, 5 ecological districts and about 100 statues of nature!

The multi-cultural heritage of the area is seen through its many monuments both sacred and secular, as e.g. settlements belonging to the Grody Czerwieńskie stronghold, Roman Catholic churches, Greek-Catholic (uniate) and Orthodox churches, former Evangelist chapels and Jewish synagogues.

Additional assets of the Tomaszów district include the well-developed tourist service sector, mainly in Tomaszów Lubelski, Susiec and Majdan Sopocki, as well as the hospitality of the local population.







The didactic base comprises 65 primary schools, 15 secondary schools, 11 high schools as well as Law and Economics Faculty - the local branch of the Catholic University of Lublin.


Cultural and sporting events of national and international importance are held in the Poviat. There should be mentioned such events as: The International Folk Festival "Roztocze", The Polish Border Communities' Artistic Achievements Festival, The All-Polish Hetmański Ski-Run


Geographical location makes the Poviat of Tomaszów a place of diversified active leisure potential, both in summer and winter. There is a Sports and Leisure Centre in Tomaszów with its sports complex, gym, fitness club, two football pitches, tennis courts and a hotel. In winter there are excellent conditions for practising winter sports. In the area of Siwa Dolina there are skiing trails and there is a ski lift on Biała Góra.


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